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Of 306 Form: What You Should Know

Veteran provide proof of at least one year of employment at a Federal agency or for a contract. Form of Information | OF-306 — Veterans and Federal Employment | VA Form GDF 10-2023 OF-306 Form | Create and Download for Free | XML and HTML OF-306-A Declaration for Federal Employment | OPM Form M-11-02 O-F-304- Declaration for Federal Employment (OF-304) Informational note: If you're an applicant for employment or an employee of an appointing authority, and have not completed the OF-304, you must take the OF-304 in place of the OPM Form GDF 20-2023. If you did not submit an OF-304 (including the attachments), you will have your interview results reviewed under OPM Form M-110.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Of 306 form

Instructions and Help about Of 306 form

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FAQ - Of 306 form

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