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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing National guard olympia wa

Instructions and Help about National guard olympia wa

Is truly an honor to speak about my brain and loser not only in faraway places such as bankhead google or Kandahar but right here at home only even emotional they were there each month less risky narcissus assisting our small Council resolution we've seen our national guard be given lots of big hugs by people who were desperate and they saw the National Guard arrived maybe that helped us there I remember when Katrina hit and I left a message for the governor and I said is there anything we can do within a couple of hours had a pink slip on my desk a telephone message that said send your guard called general Loewenberg and I think we were among the first to offer help and arrive and help them through what was a very challenging time so I've seen you in action and I couldn't be more proud.


How should I prepare physically to join the US National Guard if I am out of shape and slightly overweight?
Get some good shoes and good socks. Start walking. Walk around your block the first day, walk around the next one the next day. Work up to walking 5 miles a day. Then start jogging a bit and walking a bit. Walking is a highly underrated exercise, but is effective at building muscle and burning fat. When 5 miles becomes easy, get a small backpack and put some bottled water in it. You need to keep hydrated anyway and the army is going to expect you to do quite a bit of marching with a backpack and assorted gear.Work up to 50 sit-ups a day, and 50 push-ups a day. If you can only do one the first day, do one. If you have been sedentary for a long time, this will not be a lot of fun at first, but as the pounds come off, you will feel better and gain confidence. Keep a record of your times and repetitions and you will see that a little effort results in big changes. Give your body a chance to rest/heal. Take the weekend off and relax.Change your diet. Do you drink sweet soda or tea? Switch to any of the zero calorie sugar substitutes. Cut out the junk food. If you don’t prepare it at home from fresh ingredients, don’t eat it. Switch from whole milk to 2% and eat a healthy cereal for breakfast. Count Chocula is not a your go to choice for healthy BTW.Give yourself a free day every now and then where you can indulge in Pizza-Hut or McDonald's or whatever floats your boat as a reward. Little treats are great to boost your morale and can princentive to keep at it.None of this will be easy or particularly pleasant. However it is doable and not beyond what the basic military training is going to expect of you anyway.
How does the National Guard work if you were to go to a college out of state?
You find a unit that’s as close as possible to where you’ll live. After you find a unit in the state of your college, you ask the school and the unit about paperwork to convert to in-state student status. The process might vary by state and school so follow up with both.The conversion may or may not finish by the time your first tuition payment is due so don’t be surprised to pay out of state tuition for part of the year until you gain in-state status.If you join a unit in one state but go to school across a state border, then you might be out of luck if you want full tuition benefits. Better to join a unit in the same state as the school.
How does the Air National Guard compare to the Army National Guard?
I was in the Air Guard, but interacted with the Army side on a regular basis. There are differences. For one thing, Army Guardsmen are not near as familiar with their officers as Air Guardsmen are. I worked closely with officers and consequently we were more at ease around each other. Another thing to consider is that the Air guard has many more full time guardsmen at their bases than the Army does. due to some peculiarities, it's possible that some enlisted members make more money than the officers.
Where can I find out information about how to earn state awards in the National Guard?
Your hhc unit, should have all of the information you want, so will google, I started out national guard, before transferring to regular army, so here’s some advice, the guard runs on the good ole boy system, don’t go to your orderly room with too much exitement or enthusiasm in your dimeanor old dinosaurs in those slots have homesteaeded them for good reason, they don’t like competition, but enjoy trying to break your spirit instead, I always enjoyed their efforts and advancing in rank anyway the highest state award we have in Mississippi is the, Magnolia cross, I’ve only seen it issued once. Good luck to you and happy hunting.
What are some ways to get out of the Army National Guard?
It is not easy.  One signs an enlistment contract for a specified number of years, that includes active (Drilling) service and inactive service.  Misbehaving or going Absent Without Leave (not showing up) can get you “chaptered out” and there are long time legal consequences for this.  Considering that the Guard often involves only drilling it might be best to serve, and not reenlist.  If it is a real burden, work with your Commander and 1SGT and Personnel Section (S1) cooperatively and see if you can get your contract changed to more inactive time, or make some other arrangement.  There is no better pride to have later in life than knowing you served honorably.  Remember, this will be a life changing decision and you may truly regret it later.  I strongly advise you work with your chain of command to get out honorably.  Messing this up is something you will regret later.
Is Ricky Perry "entitled" to call out the National Guard to protect Texas sovereignty?
The state of Texas pays for it, and a Governor can indeed order the national guard to do such a thing.  The Supreme Court ruled in the late 1980's that the US Secretary of Defense can order the National Guard to do something else which would take precedence over contradictory orders from a state governor.  (At the time, Gov. Rudy Perpich of Minnesota had tried to prevent the National Guard from participating in joint military training in Honduras, which was controversial for the right-wing military dictatorships that the Reagan and Bush Administrations supported in the region.  The Supreme Court ruled that the Federal government, not a US governor, has ultimate command authority over National Guard units.) So, if President Obama really wanted to, he could order the Texas National Guard back to barracks.
How hard is it to be in the Army National Guard in college? Is it worth waiting for until you’re out of college?
Members of the reserves forces, to include national guard units, are required to drill 1 weekend a month. Sometimes a drill is extended from 2 days to 3 days or 2.5 days of drill. A drill day is divided into 2 parts for pay purposes which makes a 2 day weekend drill a 4 part/point drill. During a 12 month year a soldier must gain 48 points plus the 2 weeks or 15 days of active duty drill. 48 drill points during a 12 month time period plus the 15 AD points equal 63 points required to have 1 good year towards retirement.Senior NCO’s and officers are required to put more time into this “part time” job then junior enlisted. You will not find that requirement written in any document. It is just one of those official but unofficial rules of the game. And trust me. You will not be financially compensated for your extra time and effort expended.How hard is it to be a drilling member of the guard and be a full time student? If that is all you have going on in your life then I would say you shouldn’t have any problems. Sacrifice is the name of the game. If you are not will to make sacrifices in your life then don’t complain when you don’t go anywhere in life.
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