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National guard vancouver wa Form: What You Should Know

Posted by Army National Guard Recruiting on Friday, January 8, 2018 Welcome to the recruiting office of the Washington National Guard, located in Vancouver, Washington, U.S.A. We are a recruiting office for Washington, Idaho and Montana Air National Guard. We hope to assist you with all that a recruit needs to know about your Air National Guard Recruiting experience. For information regarding enlistment into the Air National Guard, please visit  We specialize in serving all regions of our great country.  The Air National Guard is a small, professional force of men and women ready on a moment's notice for military missions worldwide. These patriots volunteer to commit their lives to support America's defense and protect our borders. These men and women are called to defend peace wherever it is threatened, and support our great Nation. The Air National Guard is a reserve component of a larger National Guard that includes the regular, Guard and Reserve components. The Air National Guard is the largest and most powerful military of the United States and has been used for more than eighty-four years to maintain our Nation's freedom. The members of the Air National Guard are citizens who volunteer to serve.  The Air National Guard is a volunteer component of the National Guard that offers opportunities to join the Guard for a variety of reasons. To learn more: Visit the official site of the Washington Air National Guard at  To learn about the Air National Guard Recruiting Office, the Air National Guard Recruiting Officers, and all aspects of the recruitment process, visit the  For more information regarding the military, as well as any other related Military-related issues, you may contact the Washington Department of Defense at  For more information regarding the Military Reserve, from the National Guard Recruiting Office to the enlistment to the final disposition of the former, visit the candidates are expected to serve with honor, and with distinction as they carry out their duties while serving and volunteer with the Washington Air National Guard, We hope that if you have any questions regarding your Air National Guard recruiter or your Air National Guard application, that we can assist you with your recruiter or application! Welcome to the recruiter at the National Guard Post-Gardner, Washington, Idaho for the Spokane-Pierce area. The National Guard Post-Gardner Air National Guard Recruiting Office is located on the southeast corner of the Spokane-Pierce area in Spokane, Washington, United States.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing National guard vancouver wa

Instructions and Help about National guard vancouver wa

And Larry, good thank you for the chance to address the board today. I'm the owner of Southwest Washington Surplus. We're kind of a spot for veterans to coalesce around. For the last several months, I've been working with Colonel Terry LaRue, the commander of the Washington State Guard, on getting a new unit here in Clark County, Southwest Washington. In a moment, I'll turn over to Elliot to talk a little bit about the Washington State Guard, which is also included in your handouts. The Washington State Guard is a pure volunteer organization organized under the Washington State Department under Title 32 as a military branch of the Washington Military Department. It's headquartered up at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Camber. There has not been a unit of the Washington State Guard active in Clark County since around World War II. The primary mission, which Chief Elliot will go into more detail on, is emergency management. As a volunteer organization, they'll be interacting with some of the other emergency management organizations down here in Southwest Washington, as well as the Oregon Defense Force on the other side of the river. Currently, we are recruiting for the Washington State Guard. We have identified several candidates, but we are still in the process of recruiting prior service commissions and noncommissioned officers to comprise the command staff and training cadre. We do have some candidates identified, but we need a couple more. What we're really looking for from the Advisory Board here today is the ability to socialize this effort to the entire veteran community. This organization is open to non-prior service as well. There's a training program that allows them to become professionalized soldiers, taking prior service and retraining them into an MOS that is appropriate to the Washington State Guard, as...